Red Wine "Almanegra"

This is the Meneguz company flagship wine. The product of a vineyard producing grapes from 1967 and which is still very active. Almanegra is a unique wine which combines the typical notes of a Pinot Noir selection and the climate and soil environment of the Ghette site.

Hilly medium textured soil of calcareous Marlstone.
After the manual grape picking, grapes undergo a de-stemming and treading procedure. The alcoholic fermentation and soaking takes place in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature of 18°C. For 14 to 16 days peel and must are in contact and the pumping over is carried out twice a day. Before bottling, the wine is left in steel tanks for one year to allow malolactic fermentation to take place.

To refine the wine, it is left in bottles for 4-5 years.
The dry residue is equal to 30 grams per litre.

The alcohol content is 13-13,5%.
This wine is very rich in anthocyanins and resveratrol.
Those precious healthy substances are powerful natural antioxidants.
Excellent with strong courses such as game birds and animals, goose, red grilled meat, braised and broiled meat.
Taste it at 18-20 °C.