Prosecco Frizzante D.O.P. "CESARE"

This Prosecco is dedicated to Cesare Meneguz, father and man of great human virtues as well as talented wine maker. The wine intentionally maintains the same qualities and follows the same steps in the grape selection and wine production. It is genuine, generous and free from standardization.

Grape variety: Glera 100%.

Hilly, medium textured soil of calcareous Marlstone. The perfect time for harvest is when the best acidity to sugar ratio is reached.
After the manual grape picking, grapes undergo a soft pressing (maximum 1 atmosphere) by a diaphragm pneumatic pressing machine.

The alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a constant temperature of 18 °C with indigenous yeasts for a period of ten to twelve days after which, the first pressing is decanted without being filtered and left to rest on a thin sediment for three months.
Re-fermentation in autoclave (high-pressure tanks) is monitored so that temperature is constantly kept around 16-17°C and the sugar level is 12 g per litre.

The alcohol content is 11,5%.
Well suited with starters, light first courses, fish and white meat.
Taste it at 6-8 °C.